Creating your Video Resume with Mentra!

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What is a Video Resume?

As you work towards creating your 'Mentra Profile', you will be asked whether you want to create a Video Resume. Through this 1 minute video, you can better showcase your personality, and discuss your strengths that are relevant to your job. According to a study, 89% of recruiters would watch a resume if you submitted one to them.

How to prepare: 

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Landscape Orientation of your Camera

Ensure you are recording on a stable device that’s resting on a table and can film in landscape orientation

Dress code: Business casual or semi formal 

Keep in mind that what you wear should reflect the field you want to go into! Forexample, if you want to go into a creative field, it’s probably ok to dress a bit more casual. Versus if you want to go into business or finance, it might be better to wear a button-up shirt or a blazer. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us!

Make sure your background is ready

In order to ensure an equitable selection process that is professional and consistent, we provide an image for you to download and set as your background in the zoom app. If you are unable to do so before the call, a Mentra member can assist you with this process.

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Questions that you will answer during the Video Resume


1. State your name, and what types of job opportunities you are looking for 

2. How did your passion for your field of interest develop?


3. Can you describe a project you worked on or accomplishment that you achieved in your field of work?