The Mentra Team

A community of action-driven disability advocates committed to empowering neurodiverse communities to finding meaningful employment. If you resonate, join hands with us to make this vision a reality.

Meet the Mentra family

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Jhillika Kumar


My personal experiences with my non-speaking, autistic brother ignited my passion to advocate for disability rights and design a world where my brother can one day find a job. I am a social impact entrepreneur and speaker/advocate for disability empowerment.


Amanda Howard

Product Designer

“Mentra’s mission isn’t just a statement to me - as an Autistic individual, I know just how crucial experiences like Mentra can be to help elevate neurodiverse people like me. My previous experience as an educator has driven me to give back to the community in everything I do, and Mentra allows me to continue that important work.”


Conner Reinhardt


I never understood the humanity behind the accessibility movement until hearing Jhillika’s story about her autistic brother Vicky. I saw a chance to contribute to real change in our society. And that is something I’ll never turn down!

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Rachayita Giri

Data Science Lead

As a Machine Learning Engineer, I give back to society in more ways than one. I’ve always supported and practiced inclusive growth. Having seen my grandfather struggle with walking in his last few years made me realize how important accessibility is for inclusion. With Mentra, I’ll take this forward by including the neurodiverse population.


Shea Belsky

Engineering Lead

I'm a passionate software engineer based in Boston who cares about building applications that people care about and enjoy using!


Syntyche Jennings

Employer Specialist

Having spent over a decade working with autistic individuals, my research has shaped me to push for employer and company wide objective behavioral changes in the workplace that promote diversity and inclusion while also continually advocating autonomy and dignity for neurodiverse individuals around the world.


Averie Brookie

Employer Specialist

I am a Clinical Counselor, having worked 5 years with PWD, I have a background in job development  and advocate for disability rights, and accessible employment. My hope is to encourage conversation and acceptance around disability and mental health in all future endeavors.


Jared Williams

Business Development 

Everyone has a purpose in life and deserves to feel a sense of belonging, including my two autistic cousins. I joined Mentra to create a better future for my family and help neurodivergents everywhere live more fulfilling lives.