The Mentra Team

A community of action-driven disability advocates committed to empowering neurodiverse communities to finding meaningful employment. If you resonate, join hands with us to make this vision a reality.

Meet the Mentra family


Jhillika Kumar

CEO / Founder

My personal experiences with my non-speaking, autistic brother ignited my passion to advocate for disability rights and design a world where my brother can one day find a job. I am a social impact entrepreneur and speaker/advocate for disability empowerment.


Conner Reinhardt

COO / Co-Founder

As a recently-diagnosed neurodivergent, I've witnessed the extraordinary talents of the neurodiverse community firsthand. Behind the layers of inefficiency in today's hiring process, there is immense potential to innovate a new system that's able to value and recognize these key players in the workforce of tomorrow.


Shea Belsky


I'm an autistic self-advocate, and the product of countless educators and supporters over the years. Because of my journey, I'm uniquely positioned to be able to improve the experiences of disabled jobseekers. All of us should be able to lead meaningful lives, and the neurodiverse are no exception to that.


Haley Hataway

Head of Data Strategy

As a Machine Learning Engineer, I give back to society in more ways than one. I’ve always supported and practiced inclusive growth. With Mentra, I’ll take this forward by including the neurodiverse population.


Syntyche Jennings

Customer Success Manager

Having spent over a decade working with autistic individuals, my research has shaped me to push for employer and company wide objective behavioral changes in the workplace that promote diversity and inclusion while also continually advocating autonomy and dignity for neurodiverse individuals around the world.


Amanda Howard

Product Designer

“Mentra’s mission isn’t just a statement to me - as an Autistic individual, I know just how crucial experiences like Mentra can be to help elevate neurodiverse people like me. My previous experience as an educator has driven me to give back to the community in everything I do, and Mentra allows me to continue that important work.”

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