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The Mentra Team

A community of action-driven disability advocates committed to empowering neurodiverse communities to finding meaningful employment. If you resonate, join hands with us to make this vision a reality.

Meet the Mentra family

Jhillika Kumar


My personal experiences with my non-speaking, autistic brother ignited my passion to advocate for disability rights and design a world where my brother can one day find a job. I am a social impact entrepreneur and speaker/advocate for disability empowerment.

Shea Belsky

Engineering Lead

I'm a passionate software engineer based in Boston who cares about building applications that people care about and enjoy using!

Conner Reinhardt


I never understood the humanity behind the accessibility movement until hearing Jhillika’s story about her autistic brother Vicky. I saw a chance to contribute to real change in our society. And that is something I’ll never turn down!

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Rachayita Giri

Data Science Lead

As a Machine Learning Engineer, I give back to society in more ways than one. I’ve always supported and practiced inclusive growth. Having seen my grandfather struggle with walking in his last few years made me realize how important accessibility is for inclusion. With Mentra, I’ll take this forward by including the neurodiverse population.

Rishma Mendhekar

Design Lead

As a product designer and inclusive design advocate, I'm able to put accessible and inclusive design into practice on all of Mentra's platforms. I was first introduced to accessibility in design while completing my M.S. at Georgia Tech and haven't looked back since.

Syntyche Jennings

Employer Specialist

Having spent over a decade working with autistic individuals, my research has shaped me to push for employer and company wide objective behavioral changes in the workplace that promote diversity and inclusion while also continually advocating autonomy and dignity for neurodiverse individuals around the world.

Averie Brookie

Employer Specialist

I am a Clinical Counselor, having worked 5 years with PWD, I have a background in job development  and advocate for disability rights, and accessible employment. My hope is to encourage conversation and acceptance around disability and mental health in all future endeavors.

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Ben Lee

Product Manager

Systemic problems require systemic solutions. By coordinating employment opportunities for neurodivergents, we will open up socio-political and economic doors that would have otherwise been less than accessible.

Marcela Musgrove

User Researcher

I am currently based in North Carolina and have a Master's degree in Human Computer Interaction. I am a long-time neurodiversity advocate who is excited to put my experience into practice at Mentra.

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Bhavik Mistri

UX Designer

Being a UX Designer allows me to practice what I love - empathy and creating. Working with Mentra is incredibly rewarding since I get to apply these skills towards a cause fighting for equal opportunities.

Tanushree Sudheer


While working with Mentra, I realized that disabilities are often products of environments that lack inclusion. Inspired by our mission and the values our product embodies, I strive for a future where inclusion and accessibility are the standard.

Shalvik Gupta

Software Engineer

I am a Master's student at UNC and I want to apply my engineering knowledge in the field of UX and aims to use technology to be a voice for others who are not being heard!

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Lily Croskey-Englert

Front End Engineer

I am a frontend engineer and UX designer based in New York. I began learning about accessibility while working on healthcare products, and have since become passionate about inclusive design and disability justice.

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Ankit Panchal

Full Stack Engineer

When I started learning about the web, I came across concepts called accessibility and user empathy. Now as an experienced front end engineer, I know how important it is to make the web more universal and accessible to everyone.

Emilee Green


When I started learning about the web, I came across concepts called accessibility and user empathy. Now as an experienced front end engineer, I know how important it is to make the web more universal and accessible to everyone.


Shonan Hendre

Full Stack Developer

I am a full stack developer and a senior at Connecticut College. When I came across Mentra, I was inspired by the mission and immediately knew that I wanted to contribute my knowledge towards this cause. I am passionate about creating awareness and fighting for the neurodiverse population all over the world. With Mentra, I will be able take on these tasks and make the world a more inclusive place.

Emmanuel Abua


Working with Mentra has allowed me to combine my love of ideas and my work with self-advocacy. My hope is to help create a better world towards meaningful employment for the neurodiverse.

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