Understanding Our Logo

The Accessible Icon Project

The Accessible Icon Change is a form of design activism that calls for the universal sign change- it is a collaboration among people with disabilities to move toward a more accessible world.

People all over the US and the world have used the icon

Accessible Parking Sign

Why? Disability is subject to the same political invisibility and echo chambers as that of other minority groups, and too much direct activist work around disability is targeted toward people who already think disability rights are important. Since AxisAbility aims to empower this group, the logo depicts a static individual transforming into one with forward movement - "the driver of his destiny" using the accessible tools we provide.

AxisAbility Logo

Icon Graphic Elements

Head Position- The head is positioned forward to indicate the forward motion of the person - he is the driver of his own mobility.

Arm Angle- Depicts the person steering the wheelchair themselves, depicts the body in motion - navigating around the world.

Leg Position - The leg has been moved forward to allow more space between it and the wheel which allows for better readability and cleaner icon application.