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Bring your


to work 

Use our accessible web app to match with employers who value your strengths.

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Get closer to getting hired

with our inclusive profile.

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The Mentra Profile goes

beyond the traditional resume to provide a platform for self expression, especially for those with under-utilized talents.

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The Mentra profile captures
the unique characteristics and environmental preferences of the individual and the job that are crucial to making or breaking a job fit.

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Apply once to Mentra, and our team will take it from there

Mentra is a free service that puts you in front of inclusive recruiters rather than forcing you to go after them. Some call this a virtual “reverse job fair”.


Once you join our talent pool and fill in our 20 - 30 minute application, we’ll find you ideal career opportunities where your brain and heart can thrive.

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You can sign up to join Mentra's talent pool 🧠

How does Mentra work for job seekers?

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Get onboarded on Mentra

Sign up on Mentra and tell us about yourself and

your job preferences by filling in our 20-30 minute application.

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