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Creating a neurodiverse workforce

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At Mentra, we're trying to place

neurodiversity at the core of recruiting

in a way that scales, treating every individual's brain as unique and more than just a resume. 


Built by neurodiverse individuals, 

for neurodiverse individuals

In order to make this vision a reality, we need to build a platform centered around neurodiverse candidates and their requirements. To that end, we are in the process of research work with recruiters and candidates to examine and address barriers in the employment process. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we do not currently have recruiters actively hiring on our website; however, we are using this time to identify and partner with organizations that are excited to hire neurodiverse individuals in the future. This work will help us build a platform that empowers and advocates for meaningful and sustained career pathways for neurodiverse communities.

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To make this vision a reality, we need to work together. No matter who you are, you can advance our mission right now. 

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Mentra's Mission voiced to an international audience

Build a holistic Mentra Profile

The Mentra profile captures the multiple dimensions of the human self by building a holistic profile of a job-seeker's mind. We're accomplishing this at scale by using an AI-powered job-matching platform to connect individuals with the environments in which they will thrive. 

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The Mentra Team

We are a team of disability advocates and autistic self-advocates  Our team consists of designers, engineers and autistic individuals to ensure we were designing with the user's needs in mind at every step of the way.


Our Vision

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Jhillika Kumar, Mentra's founder, was inpsired by her non-speaking, autistic brother who ignited her passion to advocate for disability rights as well as a career driven by a mission to create an inclusive world. She is a social impact entrepreneur, Diversity & Inclusion community builder, and speaker/advocate for disability empowerment.


Rishma Mendhekar

Lead Designer


I am a UX designer and inclusive design advocate. I was first introduced to the inclusive design and accessible hiring movement two years ago, and at Mentra, I'm able to use my design skills to make a tangible difference.

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Jhillika Kumar


Here’s an example of mine: My personal experiences with my non-speaking, autistic brother ignited my passion to advocate for disability rights and design a world where my brother can one day find a job. I am a social impact entrepreneur and speaker/advocate for disability empowerment.


Conner Reinhardt


I never understood the humanity behind the accessibility movement until hearing Jhillika’s story about her autistic brother Vicky. I saw a chance to contribute to real change in our society. And that is something I’ll never turn down!

Sebastien LaDuca

Lead Engineer

I'm a proudly Autistic Computer Engineer and Carnegie Mellon Student who dreams of building a world where everyone can make a good living by being themselves.

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An innovator that's changing coversations

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