Invest in neurodiversity

We believe that real problems can be solved in an economically viable way. We are pioneering a for-profit business model to give back to the autistic community.

This platform is designed for individuals with the help of autistic individuals at every step of the way. We have tested our products with over 16 individuals on the spectrum.

We presented our product to GCDD Executive Director who expressed problems for recruiters to source talent from these populations.

AxisAbility was founded at Georgia Tech in 2019, alongside a team of designers, engineers, researchers and faculty members.

Our mission is to get 100,000 autistic

adults into the workforce

by 2025.

The founder, Jhillika Kumar gave a Ted Talk about designing accessibly for individuals with disabilities at Georgia Tech.

The founder, Jhillika Kumar, has over 20 years of experience with her autistic brother, and has personally experienced the struggle her family faces.

Jhillika was selected as the 2019 Student of Vision Abie Award Winner and is presenting importance of hiring neuro-diverse communities.

We presented our product to the founder of the Microsoft Autism Hiring program and incorporated the feedback into our product.

Autism @ Work Employer Roundtable

A collection of innovative leaders who spearhead autism-focused hiring initiatives and lead field-specific recruitment efforts. The results have been signifcant for our culture development and for people with autism.

Mentra bridges the autism employment gap