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A talent platform that intelligently matches neurodiverse individuals with employers to maximize job satisfaction, productivity and retention.

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Unemployment rates in the US

Overall U.S. population unemployed


Autistic individuals unemployed


1 in every 40 individuals is diagnosed with autism. There is an 83% unemployment or underemployment, where individuals waste away talents in mundane jobs that don’t leverage the value or talent they offer.

The neurodiverse community yeilds extraordinary potential that brings economic value and an inclusive culture into a workforce.

The next-generation resume.

Mentra profiles allow you to understand candidates more in depth than ever before through video, text, and work samples.

Understand accommodations upfront.

Understand the unique value every individual provides.

Understand a candidate's unique story.

Just a few reasons to hire with Mentra.

Access our nation-wide, centralized talentpool of neurodiverse individuals.

Mentra’s database taps into a diverse range of talents for creative and technical roles.

An in-depth understanding of each neurodiverse candidate.

Mentra provides you with candidate data that goes beyond the traditional resume by considering environmental preferences, sensory issues, personality, and skills.

Matching you with the best candidate for the role.

Mentra is building an AI-powered matching algorithm that will recommend the best candidates for the role.

How Mentra works with you.


Let Mentra do the work

Mentra leverages our database and nation-wide partnerships to source candidates for you.


Review your matches

Mentra provides you with profiles of ideal neurodiverse candidates for the role.


Hire with Mentra by your side

Mentra assists with your hiring needs and supports candidates throughout the process.


Tell us your

hiring needs

Complete a consultation to detail the ‘ideal candidate’ for your specific role.


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