Human-first hiring

A talent platform that intelligently matches neurodiverse individuals with employers to maximize job satisfaction, productivity and retention.

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Gain access to an untapped talent pool
with inclusive hiring.

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Unemployment rates in the US

Overall U.S. population unemployed


Autistic individuals unemployed


1 in every 40 individuals is diagnosed with autism, and among them nearly 83% are unemployment or underemployed. Today's employment landscape has yet to recognize and harness the exceptional talent of these individuals.

For inclusive employers who see ahead of the curve, the neurodiverse community represents one of the largest untapped talent sources - with the ability to yield immense ROI and economic value with a small upfront investment to adjust existing hiring practices and promote an inclusive culture.

The next-generation resume.

Mentra profiles allow you to understand candidates more in depth than ever before through video, text, and work samples.

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Understand accommodations upfront.

Understand the unique value every individual provides.

Understand a candidate's unique story.

Just a few reasons to hire with Mentra.

Access our nation-wide, centralized talentpool of neurodiverse individuals.

Mentra’s database taps into a diverse range of talents for creative and technical roles.


An in-depth understanding of each neurodiverse candidate.

Mentra provides you with candidate data that goes beyond the traditional resume by considering environmental preferences, sensory issues, personality, and skills.


Matching you with the best candidate for the role.

Mentra is building an AI-powered matching algorithm that will recommend the best candidates for the role.


How Mentra works for you.

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Mentra makes sense for employers.

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