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Mentra is a neurodiverse

hiring platform.

Intelligently match recruiters with candidates who will thrive


One interactive job application to holistically 

understand the 

accommodation process 


Diverse, centralized talent pool to accelerate autistic hiring initiatives


Designed for autistic candidates by autistic individuals 


Mentra allows recruiters to understand candidates holistically 

  • We provide recruiters with a centralized database of autistic candidates with holistic profiles to help create a candidate-job fit. 

  • We help recruiters identify the accommodations required in advance. 

  • We cut out a good deal of time and resources spent on recruiting by providing recruiters with several dimensions of a candidate, upfront.

  • We provide excellent matches from our database that is designed to intelligently match candidates suited for roles

What does the Mentra Profile entail?

The Mentra Profile Creation collects information about 4 different dimensions of a candidate's persona and automatically generates a 'digital profile'.


Environmental Preferences 

Know beforehand what the unique needs and ideal environments are for the candidate to thrive in.


Personality & Strengths

Understand each candidate's personality through a a video resume, personal bio and 'understanding my autism' section.


Personal Information

Match talent based on individual's abilities, strengths and interests by understanding their technical, social and career skills.


Career Background

Track candidate's experience in previous roles, vocational training facilities and education system



Why hire someone with autism?

Candidates are more reliable with fewer or equal days of absence

Many individuals are creative, talented and innovative 

Many excel tasks requiring an analytical mind like  software testing 

Contribute to workplace diversity, morale, and corporate culture.

Detail oriented, disciplined, honest and reliable

Perform repetitive tasks efficiently and analyze problems from unique angles