Mentra Candidates
Individuals on the autism spectrum who are actively seeking employment.
Ryan Shindler
Ryan holds a Masters of Public Administration from Syracuse University and specialize in public speaking, policy analysis, and editing across all written forms. Ryan seeks to advise companies on their hiring policies and retainment strategies for workers with disabilities.
Charlie Denton
I grew up listening to audio books on tape cassette and unintentionally trained myself to remember long-form verbal narratives. An IQ test in 2014 confirmed I could memorize near 97% of information conveyed verbally when I could focus effectively.
Eren Niederhoffer
I am the president of Autistic Self-Advocacy Atlanta. I want to work in data analysis and compilation field where I could analyze patterns of information or trends, and look over that information for ways that employers can develop new programs, save money, or add value.
I am a 22 year old Puerto Rican autistic lesbian who is an advocate for people with disabilities. My ideal career path would be in advocacy or writing. I am passionate, knowledgeable, and always willing to learn new things. 
Kayla Rodriguez
Ira Eidle
In an ideal scenario, I want to work in arts-particularly theatre, as a creator and performer. I am also a strong autistic self advocate. My strengths lie in sticking to routines and following rules.
In an ideal scenario, I want to work in handling patient medical records. My strengths lie in data entry work that is accurate without errors because that is what I excel at doing.
Marianne Sapra
William Burst
William is graduated college in 2006 and attended graduate school for teaching in 2014. After spending two years teaching at a public middle school, he switched over to business administration, where his passion lies. He a member of Toastmasters, and loves to draw. 
David Hernandez
I was brought up on technology at a very young age. I am very skilled at fixing computers and my goal is to design video games and or other software. My strengths are my enthusiasm, skill, and the ability to stay on task.