Empowering autistic individuals to enter the workforce 



Our mission to empower individuals diagnosed with autism to enter the workforce and participate meaningfully in society. How? By facilitating  mentorship and coaching in occupational and social skills for individuals on the Autism Spectrum Disorder

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We are a team of disability advocates who want to start a revolution in the way that society approaches autism. We are a mix of Georgia Tech Undergrad and Master's students,  autistic self-advocates, parents, occupational therapists and university faculty who believe it is time for change. We have teamed up with Autism Self Advocacy of Atlanta, Excel, and the School of Interactive Computing, to make this dream a reality.

the axisability team 

Jhillika was inspired by her, brother who is autistic and non-verbal. She has been on a lifelong path towards advocacy for disability rights and a career driven by her mission to create an inclusive world. Her dream is to bring light to the power of technology to create an inclusive world that is accessible for others who struggle in similar ways that her brother does.

our story

Jhillika Kumar

Founder, AxisAbility

tedx Georgia tech

I grew up with a brother who is autistic and non-verbal. I have been on a lifelong path towards advocacy for disability rights and a career driven by my mission to create an inclusive world through technology.



We are working at schools in Atlanta: Hirsch and ReCliff to document, and demonstrate the vast potential of individuals with autism has been unlocked through research and innovative technology. 



Tech for social good presenter discussing the importance of bringing assistive technologies to underserved  populations without a voice, and revolutionizing the inclusive hiring process.

the school of interactive computing

Working with Dr. Gregory Abowd at the Georgia Tech School of Interactive Computing. He directs the Ubiquitous Computing Research Group and is the Founding President of a local Atlanta non-profit organization, the Atlanta Autism Consortium

team of advocates

Working with a team of passionate Georgia Tech students with backgrounds in Human Computer Interaction, Computer Science and Business, dedicated to bringing this cause to life.

we're working with

Georgia Tech


OUR first project 

Make a difference in the life of someone with autism by empowering them to enter the workforce 

core team

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What is accessibility?

It’s an equal understanding that technology is meant to break barriers down, rather than create new barriers for individuals with disabilities-  a group of individuals who struggle in so many other aspects of their lives. Click here for more


Why is it important?

Not only is it a human right- in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities- but it is also it is a known fact that improving accessibility benefits all its users.

How can you help?

Empathy and awareness are crucial components of designing inclusive productsOur aim is to collaborate on projects with the aim of benefiting the community of individuals with disabilities. Click here for more

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