Our goal is to match you with jobs. First, we need your help.

To make this vision a reality, we need to work together to build something that individuals on the autism spectrum feel comfortable using. Our goal is for you to apply ONCE to Mentra, and we will take it from there and do our part to find ideal career opportunities where your brain and heart can thrive. This app is meant to put you in front of recruiters rather than forcing you to go after them.

What does the Mentra Profile entail?

The Mentra Profile Creation collects information about 4 different dimensions of a candidate's persona and automatically generates a 'digital profile'.


Environmental Preferences 

Know beforehand what the unique needs and ideal environments are for the candidate to thrive in.


Personality & Strengths

Understand each candidate's personality through a a video resume, personal bio and 'understanding my autism' section.


Personal Information

Match talent based on individual's abilities, strengths and interests by understanding their technical, social and career skills.


Career Background

Track candidate's experience in previous roles, vocational training facilities and education systems