Human-first hiring

Mentra is a community-driven, neurodiverse hiring platform leveraging AI and a human-first approach for a hiring process that treats individuals as more than a resume.

Mentra's mission 🚀

The unemployment and underemployment rate for neurodiverse individuals reaches above 80%.


Mentra gets to the core of this issue by representing our candidates as the humans they are and educating employers about the benefits of hiring neurodiverse employees. 

Our story

Jhillika Kumar, Mentra’s founder, was inspired by her non-speaking autistic brother who ignited her passion to advocate for disability rights as well as a career driven by a mission to create an inclusive world. While attending Georgia Tech, she founded Mentra with Conner Reinhardt and spoke as keynote speaker at the Grace Hopper Celebration and TEDxGeorgia Tech to share her brother’s story and raise awareness for the neurodiverse community.

Jhillika speaks about Mentra at the Grace Hopper Celebration

Centering neurodiversity inside and out

Mentra is the brainchild of passionate disability advocates that are trying to place neurodiversity at the core of recruiting in a way that scales, treating every individual as unique and more than just a resume. With 1/3 of our team being neurodiverse (a number we're trying to grow!), we center everything we do around celebrating and advocating for neurodiversity.

Sound like you?

Meet our team


Jhillika Kumar


Conner Reinhardt


Team Leads

Rishma Mendhekar

UX Design Lead

Shea Belsky

Technology Lead

Syntyche Jennings 

Market Researcher

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