We’re on a mission to activate the neurodiverse workforce of tomorrow

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Our Platform

We're making the workforce accessible

Mentra is a neurodivergent-friendly talent platform that intelligently matches neurodiverse individuals with employers that value their strengths. Mentra puts recruiters in front of candidates rather than forcing them to navigate through the challenging process of finding a job. How? Through humantistic AI and community-driven design.

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We provide employers with diversity of thought

Access Mentra’s Talent Pool today and hire from the neurodiverse community!

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Employer Offerings

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We provide the neurodiverse with opportunity

Access Mentra’s Talent Pool today and hire from the neurodiverse community!

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Mentra's innovation

Mentra’s key innovation lies in its matching algorithm that learns from am employer’s hiring needs and neurodiverse candidate’s strengths to create career success. What’s different? Mentra’s AI goes well beyond traditional job requirements by integrating a holistic understanding of the individual’s personality, environmental preferences, skill levels and ideal job.

Founding story

How did it all start?

Living in a neurodiverse family, Jhillika’s passion stemmed from her personal experience as a caregiver and as the sister of a non-speaking autistic boy, Vikram. Jhillika’s personal experience ignited her passion to advocate for disability rights as well as a career driven by a mission to create an inclusive world.

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The founding team

The vision for Mentra was conceived by Jhillika Kumar and Conner Reinhardt in 2019 while studying at Georgia Tech and working Professor Gregory Abowd on the non-speaking autistic community in Atlanta. To this day, the team is partnered with the Data Science team at Georgia tech.

Who we are

We live & work the way the platform is created

​​Mentra is the brainchild of both #Neurodivergent and #Neurotypical recent graduates, working synergistically to change the world! Mentra is committed to reflect the diversity of the users we serve.

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Having included neurodiverse individuals on the leadership team, Mentra is committed to incorporating the voices of the community; a key mantra for the team remains “Nothing about us, without us.”

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Our Values

Building careers, not just jobs

Based on extensive research with the Intellectual and Development community, the Mentra team believes that the best way for a neurodiverse individual to achieve job satisfaction and reach their highest potential is by finding a career that aligns with their work ethic, personality, cultural values, skill levels, and environmental preferences in the workplace.

Our Global Reach

When Jhillika unveiled Mentra’s mission during her ​keynote speech​ at the 2019 Grace Hopper Celebration (the world’s leading Women in Technology conference), the startup gained exposure on public platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter around the globe. In her speech in front of an international audience of over 25,000, Jhillika drew on her vision of a future where neurodiverse individuals are valued for their strengths in the workforce. D&I leaders

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Recognition we've received

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Inclusion Project of the Year Award

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PitcHer Entrepreneurship Competition

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Difference Maker Award by the Beacon College

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Ferst Leadership and  Entrepreneurship Award

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Student of Vision Abie Award Winner

Why the name “Mentra”?

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A combination of the words: