Creating a neurodiverse workforce

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Our mission is to get 100,000 autistic

adults into the workforce

by 2025.

Mentra is a neurodiverse

hiring platform

Intelligently match recruiters with candidates who will thrive


One interactive job application to holistically 

understand the 

accommodation process 


Autistic Candidate

Inclusive Employer

Impact Investor

Launch your journey with us.

To make this vision a reality, we need to work together. No matter who you are, you can advance our mission right now. I am a:

Our mission at Mentra is to find meaningful employment for 100,000 autistic individuals by 2025.

Mentra's Mission

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Diverse, centralized talent pool to accelerate autistic hiring initiatives


Designed for autistic candidates by autistic individuals 


The Mentra Profile

The Mentra onboarding survey collects information about 4 different dimensions of a candidate's persona and automatically generates a 'digital profile'.







Understand each candidate's personality through a a video resume, personal bio and 'understanding my autism' section.


Match talent based on individual's abilities, strengths and interests by understanding their technical, social and career skills.

The Mentra Team

We are a team of disability advocates and autistic self-advocates  Our team consists of designers, engineers and autistic individuals to ensure we were designing with the user's needs in mind at every step of the way.


Track candidate's experience in previous roles, vocational training facilities and education systems


Know beforehand what the unique needs and ideal environments are for the candidate to thrive in.

Our Vision

To combat this huge inequity, our team created the vision to build a platform that allows individuals with autism to thrive in jobs they are passionate about.  Our team consists of designers, engineers and autistic individuals to ensure we were designing with the user's needs in mind at every step of the way.

Rishma Mendhekar

Lead Designer


I come from a Computer Science background, and will be completing my Master's in Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech in May 2019.

Jhillika Kumar


My name is Jhillika and I am a UX/UI designer, aspiring entrepreneur, and Georgia Tech student with a passion for improving the lives of the disabled through improving accessible technologies

Conner Reinhardt


I never understood the humanity behind the accessibility movement until hearing Jhillika’s story about her autistic brother Vicky. I saw a chance to contribute to real change in our society. And that is something I’ll never turn down!

Sebastien LaDuca

Lead Engineer

I'm a proudly Autistic Computer Engineer and Carnegie Mellon Student who dreams of building a world where everyone can make a good living by being themselves.

Direct access to our talent pool

Autistic Candidates

Ryan Shindler
Kayla Rodriguez
Charlie Denton
Eren Niederhoffer
Ira Eidle
Marianne Sapra
William Burst
David Hernandez

An innovator that's changing coversations



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